About Us


We are the St Peter Damian Council #8699 In Bartlett Illinois

We Meet at 728 W. Bartlett Road at our Lodge every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, 2nd Tuesday our Business Meeting, 4th Tuesday our Planning/Social Meeting

Our Officers for the 2018-2019 fiscal year are:

  • Grand Knight Bob Corrado
  • Deputy Grand Knight Ray Arndt
  • Chancellor George Mikosz
  • Warden Jim Furr
  • Recorder Jim Russell
  • Treasurer Hugh Hiett
  • Financial Secretary Ken Kaczynski
  • Trustee 1 Year Larry White
  • Trustee 2 Year John Warwick
  • Trustee 3 Year Rich Henkel
  • Advocate Bill Manton
  • Inside Guard George Piemonte
  • Inside Guard Don Stazy
  • Outside Guard Mark Alagna
  • Outside Guard Patrick Devitt
  • Chaplain Fr Chris Ciomek
  • Lecturer John Warwick